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Welcome to the home page of Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading magazine, the source for the steam enthusiast or outdoor railroader.
With nearly forty-five years of publication, LSOR has covered hundreds of subjects, taken the reader to scores of locations, and helped innumerable builders with their projects.

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Communications via the Internet have become the most common method of interaction of this day and age. Join our BBS forum for nearly instant communications with others in the hobby. The Railroading forum covers topics about trains, steam or otherwise. The Marine, Traction, Industrial forum is the place to discuss steamboats, tractors, or stationary steam. Simply click on Forum and Register. As a reminder: be courteous!

Links are available to the latest suppliers in our hobby. Castings, components, plans, kits, and complete locomotives or rolling stock are available to you through a variety of sources. Check them out in our Links page.

Click on the Information tab to see what’s happening in your locale. Check out the Scheduled Meets for trackside events and Regular Runs for the nearest club. Plan a trip to visit different operations. The listings can be a great assistant to find out where and when runs and meetings will happen in unfamiliar cities while you’re on vacation or have a few days on a business trip.

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