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October: Making Locomotive Building Easier... Wheels 
There are a few shop-type jobs for which I have little patience; topping the list are chain-drilling and hacksawing.Drilling a 3/16" hole in a 1/2" piece of steel is not a big deal. It might take you up to a minute – no sweat. Needing to do it forty or fifty more times to make a spoke opening in a wheel blank puts the job into the "this is nuts" category.


September: Into Steam? Need a Project?
Weˊve just released The Steam Engines of Ray HasBrouck for your latest steaming endeavor! Spiral bound and containing 112 pages of details, Rayˊs book will provide you with all the information youˊll need to build any or all of the following steam engines.


August: Please, Don't Reshelve the Books!
At a track meet last month, I had an opportunity to chat with one of our authors about many subjects connected with our hobby of live steaming. During the conversations, one item in particular came up that struck me as being very handy, almost one of those "Why didnˊt I think of that" moments. I asked him to forward his message to me so I could pass it on to you as a very handy shop hint. He wrote...


June: Enjoy Trains?
A good part of the maturing population remembers a time when nearly every town had its own depot. Train time was almost a community affair; families would greet the travelers or send them off with hugs and waves, kids would ride their bikes for blocks to see the train, old-timers would watch through faded eyes filled with remembrances.


May: Rio Grande K-2
"When talking about narrow-gauge steam locomotives, almost everyone refers to the engines of the  Denver and Rio Grande Western as an example of the most popular ones," Kozo Hiraoka explains as he begins the introduction of his next locomotive series.

April: Ride a Train
Great news! This spring, the Great Northern & Cascade  Railroad will begin operations on a brand new track at Skykomish, Washington. After months of  planning and hard work, the fruits of their efforts will take place on May 4, 2013. Their story is one for the history books...